24 April 2008

Moonspell - Night Eternal

SPV and Moonspell released a widget promoting their upcoming album "Night Eternal", a full streaming of the album included:

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20 March 2008

Portishead - Machine Gun

Here's the new Portishead video; it's the first release from the album "Third", the comeback album of the Bristol group after a long period of silence. Album available from April 28

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11 January 2008

Sepultura - Ostia Video

Video for Sepultura - Ostia from Dante XXI:

The lyrics:

The skies are open before me / The crowd of souls in sudden flight / Hoping for prayers in the world /
Late repentant, no stain from hell / I thought the worst had, I thought the worst had past / I will not trust what I can not see / None will have the time to strike a blow - the final blow
Hell - no stain from hell / Those fools are the ones we vote for / The kings and rules of negligence / Taking a nation to lead in decay / A shade announcing another law / Can not believe I couldn't escape / No chance to leave this plague / I have to be cleansed, from all the blame / The final blow!

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20 December 2007

12 December 2007

Type O Negative: September Sun Video

The new video of Type O Negative, September Sun, from the Dead Again Album, is posted here:

now on youtube:

the lyrics:
September sun glowing golden hair / Now keep in mind son she was never there / October's rust bisecting black storm clouds / Only the deaf hear my silent shouts / / Yet in the dark still he screams your name / Nights living death with witch rhymes insane / Ten years amassed para toda mi vida? / Lost man in time was his name Peter / / September sun rotted Flatbush porch / I would have run then had I known the cost / Autumnal rays turned your eyes to stone / Did it give you pleasure to steal my soul?

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Carnivore - European tour photos

Metal-District.de published a large collection of photos from Carnivore's concert in Munich (236 photos, topless chicks included). By the way, Carnivore is looking for more of those, considering the band's myspace page announcement :
Girl? CARNIVORE is looking for pretty girls 18+ to perform on stage during our European tour Minimally dressed; U will be required to throw things into the audience and have FUN! See ";Sex and Violence"; videos on this page If interested, please send a photo/ info and which Club/venue you will go.

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Robb Flynn interview in Koln

Rockster TV published an interview with Machine Head's Robb Flinn before the concert in Koln(Cologne), Germany

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